Sexual Performance Anxiety

If you cannot maintain an erection or reach climax, if you worry what your
partner thinks of your ability in bed, or if you worry about how you
look, your world will not collapse. As troublesome as these concerns
are, they are only serious or life changing if you believe they are and
act on these beliefs. Sexual performance anxiety can stem from your fear
that you will not satisfy your partner, poor body image, penis size,
fear of premature or rapid ejaculation, inability to have an orgasm,
family problems, and more. Worrying can distract you from successful
sexual interaction with your partner. Arousal results from physical and
erotic thoughts and responses, so if you are too stressed to focus on
sex, you probably will not respond or be satisfied. Dr.
Orlandini is a sex therapist who is experienced in treating sexual
problems. She can help you face your sexual performance anxiety by
helping you to identify your concerns, develop a therapy plan,
and guide you to implement the plan to reduce or eliminate the causes of
your sexual performance anxiety.