Arousal Difficulties

Sexual problems such as loss of desire, intimacy issues, and libido differences are common in both men and women and often interfere with sexual satisfaction. Interest in sex and responsiveness to sexual arousal vary widely in men and women. A partner’s lack of knowledge about sexual stimulation and responsiveness may prevent a pleasurable and fulfilling experience. Poor communication between partners is highlighted here. Other issues that interfere with sexual arousal are everyday relationship problems such as stress, money or child rearing; emotional problems such as depression, anxiety about sex, guilt or resentment; and physical problems such as pain, gynecologic concerns or medications that may require talking with a physician. Consulting a sex therapist for emotional and relationship concerns may be very helpful to improve your sexual satisfaction.

Dr. Elsa Orlandini, a certified sex therapist in Miami Beach, can discuss with you the elements of sexual stimulation, help you identify and solve problems in your relationship that may impede arousal, and help you reshape attitudes for more enjoyable sex. After identifying your sexual attitude problems, Dr. Orlandini may recommend exercises for you and your partner to practice to treat sexual problem issues and help you recognize and communicate your sexual preferences.