Avoidance of Sex and Intimacy

If you do not allow yourself to have intimate relationships, you cannot be hurt. This learned belief system underlies an intimacy dysfunction where your focus on this sexual anxiety dominates your life. A lack of desire, being uncomfortable with your body, a dread of sexual pleasure are strong defense mechanisms against intimacy. One may be very active sexually without forming and maintaining intimate and close connections with other people.

A sex therapist can help you come to terms with this fear of intimacy, help you deal with attitudes that include a persistent and morbid fear of sexual contact, family or religious influences that support sexual repression, a sense of shame about body appearance, and more. Dr. Elsa Orlandini offers private sexual education consultations to help you dispel your fear of allowing a partner to really know you, blemishes and all, and help you move forward to a healthier, happier attitude about intimacy. Throw open your windows and doors and let the wonderful fresh air and sunshine of real intimacy into your life. Together with Dr. Orlandini you can change your life.