Loss of Desire

A common complaint in long-term marriages is a decline in sexual desire. Sometimes both partners make this complaint. A decline in sexual desire is not necessarily a result of aging. A popular belief is that the man complains more frequently about his partner’s lack of interest, but years together can dampen desire in both partners. How men and women are aroused, their attitudes toward sex, their opinions of themselves and each other are important issues in understanding sexual arousal and sexual desire.

Many factors affect a partner’s libido including romance, body image, communication about desires, painful sex, erection difficulties, self-expectations and self-judgements, and sexual performance anxiety.

Problems in the bedroom, if not addressed, can lead to problems in the marriage including infidelity, where one or both partners begin to believe they could be aroused by a new partner. Before this situation develops, consider talking with a sex therapist expert like Dr. Orlandini. She has worked with individuals and couples to solve their sex problems, to avoid sexual mistakes, and to bring back that bedroom glow.