Sexual Communication Difficulties

Sex is not an easy topic for lovers to discuss for fear of bruising egos and causing serious emotional harm. Arousal and body image difficulties, sex discomfort and pain, inconsistent organism and erection, sexual pleasure, and sexual intimacy are a few topics many partners avoid. What are your expectations from a discussion about sex? When and where do you talk? How do you address this difficult topic? You may choose to avoid “the talk” altogether, but if you pretend that no problems exist when they do, divorce could be in your future.

If you cannot discuss your sexual issues with your partner without dishonesty, guilt, or shame, make an appointment with Dr. Elsa Orlandini, a certified sex therapist located in Miami Beach. She can help you examine your desires, concerns, expectations, and fears in a safe, non judgemental atmosphere. Problems with sex and sexuality have ended many marriages, but your marriage does not have to become a casualty. Together with Dr. Orlandini build a strong loving relationship that brings lasting satisfaction and joy.